Bad Drip Salts - Don't Care Bear - 30ml

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Real bears can be vicious, but these are a little bit sneaky. Don't Care Bear is the name of the salt e liquid that is going to cause mayhem in your mouth every time you decide to go for a little vape trip. Do not let the name fool you, these bears do care about making sure you taste all the flavors and tastes that they have to offer, but they are going to give it to you their own way. When you indulge in this salt e liquid, you can taste how rich the flavors are. The pear tastes very juicy and you slowly feel more refreshed as you keep savoring this salt e liquid. The peaches are adding to the juiciness and allowing you to taste what it means when a salt e liquid says they added some juicy peaches into the blend. Eventually, the melon comes into your mouth and it seems to be topping everything off. As you savor this salt e liquid, you can feel them making their way down your throat to give you an amazing throat hit. Suddenly, you get this explosion of candy flavor that seems to be taking over your mouth. There are several different bear shaped pieces of candy running around your mouth and do not care about any mess they are creating. Little do they know, they are doing you the favor because you can now appreciate the entire flavor this salt e liquid has to offer altogether. There are so many of them that at one point you might even forget about the different fruits that were added and just care about the candy flavor that is making your taste buds go mad. Your taste buds might actually be a little overwhelmed, but you are enjoying every second of it. When you begin to exhale, it feels as if the bears are holding on for dear life because they are not finished with their rampage. They eventually let go and vanish into the night sky in the form of clouds. Welcome the bears back and let them have their fun again! Mixed and manufactured by the team behind Bad Drip E Liquid. This is the salt nicotine version of Don't Care Bear.

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Brand Bad Drip
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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.